• Demola Project – ELEC-E9911 (5 ECTS)

    Demola (https://www.demola.net/) project work is a project course organized in collaboration with various industrial and academic partners. The project enables students to work in strategic foresight projects in multi-disciplinary teams. The project lasts roughly for two months and is organized according to a schedule, which is different from the Aalto periodic structure. The project involves foresight work, problem framing, concept development, demo building, and end-user validation. The course contributes to learning work-life skills as well as supports students to network with potential future partners / employers.

    The course is an option for ELEC graduate students who already have a good competence in their major.

    Evaluation: Pass/Fail 

    Applications: You need to apply through the Demola website (https://www.demola.net/) and get accepted before enrolling to the course in Sisu.

    Spring 2023

    Co-creation work life project course 5ECTS− Start year 2023 with an international future design project!

    Swift your thinking, put your skills into practice and find something new to be passionate about in Demola. We offer you a chance to spice up your regular study schedule and take part in an interdisciplinary co-creation project. It’s 5ECTS course and taking your studies further at the same time.

    Early next year, Demola's eight-week projects deal with themes such as digital nomads, wellbeing data, home automation, sustainable tourism, carbon emissions, new leadership and many more. Our diverse student teams consist of talents from different fields and countries. Project work is facilitated by Demola's co-creation experts. 

    Project timeline20 January – 24 March

    (Apply before 15 January)

    Read more about our program: https://www.demola.net/students

    See all the projects and apply already: https://portal.demola.net/

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact: ida@demola.net