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     Excercise sessions will be carried out using the Zoom meeting provided below. This enables efficient location independent on-demand help for the attendeess on any number.


    Mon 27.2 (10:15-12:00) - Lecture 1

    Thu 2.3 (10:15-12:00) - Exercise session, Ex1  due.

    Mon 6.3 (10:15-12:00) - Exercise session, Ex2 due.

    Mon 13.3 (10:15-12:00) - Exercise session, Ex3 due,

    Mon 20.3 (10:15-12:00) - Exercise session, Ex 4 due.

    Mon 27.3 (10:15-12:00) - Exercise session, Ex 5 due.

    Mon 3.4 (10:15-12:00) - Exercise session, Ex 6 due.

    Mon 17.4 Quest Lecture: Matti Tommiska, Xiphera Oy.

    Mon 24.4 Quest Lecture: Johan Haeggström, Nokia.

    Design assignment starts, Exercise and instructions sessions will be planned based on  need.

    • General information on computer accounts

      This course includes computer-aided design (CAD) exercises.  While the most of CAD work is done independently, we also provide some sessions where there will be an assistant helping you.

      Use the course's online General Discussion Forum to ask questions off-session. Course assistants will not answer exercise-related questions sent to their personal email.

      Preliminary steps before starting with the CAD exercises

      The CAD exercises will be performed on a remote computer that is governed by Electronic Circuit Design (ECD) group. The computer that is dedicated to student usage is named vspace. It is accessible inside the whole Aalto network. An ECD group computer account is required for accessing vspace. Therefore, you need to apply for a personal account before you are able to begin with the CAD exercises! If you have acquired an ECD account earlier, you may have to reactivate it.

      In order to get the account, take the following steps. If you already have an account but have to reactivate it, jump to step 2.

      1. Apply for a user account at http://bubba.ecdl.hut.fi/forms. Do not mind the possible insecure connection warning. The correct job title is "Student", and application type is "Apply for Computer user account”.
      2. After receiving a notification by email that you account is ready, go meet Mr. Artturi Kaila in room 2187 (TUAS building) to get your account activated. You will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement form. You will receive a temporary password with the activated account.
      3. Only after you change the temporary password via ssh you will be able to start an X session (graphical session) in vspace. Log in to vspace via ssh by typing 'ssh yourusername@vspace.ecdl.hut.fi' in terminal. Use your temporary password to log in. You are automatically addressed to change your password when you log in the first time (if you are not, type 'passwd'). After changing your password, type 'exit' to quit the ssh session.

      In order to start an X session in vspace, do the following:

      1. Open X2Go Client
      2. Open Session -> New Session menu item.
      3. Type in a unique session name into the Session name text box (for example vspace).
      4. Set the following settings in the Session tab: Host: "vspace.ecdl.hut.fi”, Login: your ecdl user name (usually NOT your Aalto username), and SSH Port: "22”. Make sure the Session type is XFCE.
      5. On the Connection tab set the connection speed to LAN.
      6. Click Ok and a new white session box named vspace appears in the window.
      7. Click on the session box and type in your password. Click Ok to start a session.
      8. You should now be logged in to vspace and ready to start the exercises. You may resize the window or go full-screen (recommended) by pressing [Alt+Ctrl+F]. Use the same key combination to exit full screen mode when needed.
      9. When you are done with your exercises, close the remote desktop window from upper right corner. This way your software stays open for the next session (the session remains unterminated). However, always close all CAD software when you are not actively using it. An open piece of software reserves a licence and there is a limited number of CAD software licences. In other words: don't be a jerk and reserve a CAD licence unnecessarily, possibly preventing other student from using CAD software.
    • Setting up the environment

      1.  Add your vspace ssh key to Aalto version account https://version.aalto.fi/gitlab/-/profile/keys . Instructions are provided there.
      2. Add your vspace ssh key to ECD gitlab account https://bubba.ecdl.hut.fi:81/-/profile/keys
      3. To get the setups for terminal and text editors, go to  https://version.aalto.fi/gitlab/ele_ecd_internal/skeleton

    Zoom link for exercise sessions

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