Topic outline

  • In this second part the view whether the digital transformation is evolutionary or revolutionary in nature is debated.  If the future can be predicted and managed is discussed, as well as issues arising for digital services and business models.

    Video 5: A historical perspective on the enabling technology, perspectives on Moore's Law, post-Moore's Law development. 

    Video 6: Digital transformation - evolution or revolution, transformed industries, time perspective.

    Video 7: Engineers’ and customers’ perspective on technology, generations of technologies, disruptive innovation, new customer behavior and preferences.

    Video 8: Foresight, utilizing theories, managing the digital transformation, first mover advantage, timing.

    Video 9: Clear vision of the future, industry specific conditions, new services meeting existing needs, globalization, new ways to reach customers.

    Video 10: Control, privacy, platforms, social inclusion and exclusion, awareness issue, the value of data.