Topic outline

  • Here we take a deeper dive into the role of technology and how it is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the digital transformation. The importance of understanding technology and its potential as well as experimentation is emphasized.

    Video 11: The role of technology, tech evolution, enabling technologies, building on top of existing technology, co-evolution.

    Video 12: Enough with existing technology, fundamental pieces of technology, underutilized technology, system bottle necks.

    Video 13: Tech penetration, consumer first, access to technology, a changed industry landscape, B2B vs B2C, industry drift, convergence and shift.

    Video 14: Potential of a new technology, experiment with new tech, innovate for the customer, not failing enough.

    Video 15: Hot technologies, exploring the possibilities, experiment with new business models, exploring the use of a new technology, cultural shift from ROI to experimentation.

    Video 16: Experiment quality, first mover advantage, timing, Gartner Hype Cycle, building capabilities and readiness, serendipity, technology adaption rate, diffusion of innovation, push vs understanding tech, early adopters.

    Video 17: The Kodak case, transformation, organizational barriers, disruptive power of technology.