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    From the second week on, we focus on the key interfaces of product management. First of these takes a look towards users and customers and asks 
    1. Who are the customers, anyway, and how to talk to them? by Udo Szabo (Supermetrics)
    2. How design & PM work together? by Terhi Hänninen (Product Manager, Google) & Pekka Poukamo (Head of Design, Relex)


      The two books - Perri's Build trap and Cagan's Inspired - are organised with somewhat different structures than the course, and this week direct matches between the chapters and the course are harder to draw. However, both discuss the matters of the week in multiple chapters, these segments just take some work to find.

      Accordingly, the more direct readings for the week are based on articles/blogs curated by this weeks experts. 

    For a deeper dive, here's a how-to for talking with humans
    • Constable, G. Talking to humans, "practical guide to the qualitative side of customer development"
    Additionally, the following books / sources were often mentioned by experts while building the course:

    In the second assignment, the objective is to define user’s needs for an existing product using job-to-be-done framework and translating these to a new feature in a chose app.

    • Tuesday: How to know what to build?
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    • Friday: Design & PM