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    The sixth and final week wraps the course up by taking a higher ground. The week starts by taking an evaluative look at the PM function and considering how to assess how well PM is doing what is should. The last session then turns eyes to future, both in terms of the field and personal careers in it:
    1. Organizing product management PM Tiina Nieminen (Head of Product Management, Services and Solutions R&D, KONE) 
    2. PM across industries with Surbhi Marwas (Zalando), Matias Pietilä (Newil&Bau), Tommi Ylinen (Relex), and Tiina Nieminen.


    Key readings on the matter of the week:

    • Perri (Build trap): Ch. 20-25
    • Cagan (Inspired): Ch 64-67
    • Also, Cagan's Empowered addresses these aspect in part 7 and 10

    The last assignment goes meta and provides you with the task of managing your product management skills as a product. The objective is to the approach your skills and knowhow in product management as a product, and apply the concepts, perspectives, and tools of product management to it. 

    • Tuesday: PM and large organizations
    • Tillgänglig om: You are a(n) Studerande
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    • Friday: PM across industries