Topic outline

  • Purpose and style
    The course includes six assignments, one each week. Each assignment ties to the theme of the week, typically asking you to apply or deepen the concepts. Completing the assignment requires familiarising with weekly readings and lectures and also to materials addressing specifically the aspects of the assignment.

    In addition to refining the course concepts, the assignment are designed to hone your skills in concise and informative visual presentation. Assignments contain usually multiple elements and steps that are essential to the completion. However, the results are (typically) presented as a single graph, figure, or illustration. For this excel and powerpoint are to large extent sufficient tools, but feel free to use what ever tools with which you can produce the desired outputs.

    Submission and grading

    Assignments become available on Mondays each week (at 7:00 AM), and the DL for each assignment is the following Monday (23:59 PM) NB! The DL is strict. Assignments are checked by the Wednesday, 16:00.

    None of the assignment is required, but each completed assignment is worth 2 points in course grading. 

    Assignment are evaluated with pass/fail: If assignment is completed, it's a pass, and you get two points toward your grade.

    Failed assignments can be resubmitted: If the assignment doesn't pass on first try, it can be resubmitted by next Friday, 23:59. Resubmitted assignments are graded on scale 0/1/2, depending on the quality of your revisions.

    Late submissions: If the assignment is late less than 24 hours, the maximum available points for the assignment is reduced to one. After this, the assignment is not graded at all. Also, with late submissions there's no second chance to resubmit if failed. What counts, is the recorded timestamp of the submission in MyCourses, with no exceptions.