Topic outline

  • Readings
    The key reading are: 
    • Perri, Melissa. Escaping the Build Trap : How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value . First edition. Beijing: O’Reilly, 2019. Available online in Aalto
    • Cagan, Marty. Inspired : How the Best Companies Create Technology-Powered Products and Services . Second edition. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley, 2018. Available online in Aalto
    Both books provide roughly the same type of content and perspective on product management. Perri provides somewhat more coherent narrative, but Cagan is also useful on many individual points

    Additional sources include (list will be updated during the course): 
    • Cagan, Marty, Jones, Chris. Empowered: Ordinary people, extraordinary products. Wiley, 2020. Can be found form O'Reilly's online materials, accessible for Aalto-users.
    • ...

    In terms of weekly topics, the following 

    WeekPerri: Build trapCagan: InspiredCagan: Empowered
    11-910-21 (1-9)
    2(covered in multiple chapters)(covered in multiple chapters)
    310-1422-27parts 4 & 6
    428-32part 5
    515-1933-63Part 9
    620-2564-67Parts 7 & 10

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