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    Evaluating thesis and a maturity essay in MyCourses

    1.       A student submits his/her thesis and for bachelor’s thesis also the maturity essay to this MyCourses space after getting the permission from the supervisor. Additionally, student submits the thesis to library via eAge-form.

    · In the technical manual (found on this page) is shown how you can find the submitted theses and maturity essays

    · Timetable for submitting the thesis and maturity essays as well as for evaluation is found at this page. It is important to follow the schedule to ensure the students can graduate on time.

     2.       Maturity essay is evaluated

    ·  Maturity essays of the bachelor’s thesis are evaluated for language proficiency by the language teacher and for content by the supervisor

    ·  Both the language teacher and the thesis supervisor mark that the maturity essay is OK using the rubric. Instructions for using the rubric below. Exam office checks that the rubric has marks from both the supervisor and language teacher when registering the grade.


    ·  As of August 1, 2020 the abstract of the master’s thesis is accepted as a maturity essay for the master’s degree and it is in general evaluated only for content together with the entire thesis. Students, whose language proficiency needs to be checked in the master’s degree, are instructed separately.

    · When the supervisor accepts the master’s thesis, the abstract, e.g. maturity essay is interpreted as accepted for content.

    3.       The supervisor evaluates the thesis and submits the rubric to student and to learning services and announces the grade for bachelor’s thesis

    · The supervisor evaluates the thesis based on School’s evaluation rubric (template found on this page)

    ·  The supervisor sends the rubric via email to the student and to the planning officer of the programme, who submits it to a separate archive for Assurance of Learning (AoL) process. In the technical manual (found on this page) you’ll find how to do it via MyCourses.

    ·  The supervisor sends an announcement of an accepted a bachelor’s thesis (template is found on this page) to tentit-biz@aalto.fi.

    · The planning officer gathers the evaluated master’s theses for the Head of department for acceptance based on submitted rubrics and proceeds grades to the study register.

    Turnitin assisted thesis supervision and a permission for submitting a final version

    A student submits a maturity essay for the bachelor's thesis and the final bachelor's or master's thesis as pdf-files in Turnitin submission boxes in this MyCourses workspace. Submissions are stored in Turnitin student papers repository which protects them from plagiarism by others. Furthermore, Turnitin originality check reports are generated automatically for submissions. Originality reports help you to recognize possible plagiarism during assessing. It is important that a student can submit a thesis draft (or several) in a Turnitin submission box during supervising process so that possible unintentional or intentional plagiarism can be recognized and corrected before the final version. Turnitin assisted supervising can be arranged in the following ways (all ways can be utilized during a thesis process):

    • a student submits a thesis draft for commenting in a Turnitin submission box in a seminar workspace in MyCourses, see more information from Turnitin instructions for teachers
    • a student submits a thesis draft for commenting in a Turnitin submission box in a supervisor's personal MyCourses workspace. A request form of a ready-made workspace for thesis supervising is available in Turnitin instructions for teachers and in the top bar of MyCourses: Service links > MyCourses > Request for thesis supervision workspace
      Already available workspaces: https://mycourses.aalto.fi/course/index.php?categoryid=59
    • a student submits a draft in the workspace called Independent Turnitin Originality Check, but a flaw in this way is that a supervisor can not see the draft nor the originality of it, if a student needs help in interpreting the report.

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  • Saatavilla vasta, kun: You are a(n) Opettaja ilman muokkausoikeutta