Topic outline

  • Master's degree second-year studies start with a joint course Thesis Plan Orientation, 3cr. Lecturers Namkyu Chun and Heidi Paavilainen are teaching the course. Heidi Paavilainen is in charge of the independent study completion method.

    In the TPO, you'll learn and can process all the necessary moves that designing and writing a Master's Thesis takes. During the course, you will write the so-called Thesis Plan Proposal which outlines your thesis topic and basic elements of your plans for the thesis.

    There are three steps in the course:

    1. Your first step is to do a set of pre-assignments. Instructions can be found by clicking on the "hamburger" in the upper-left corner of this page and selecting "Step1: Pre-assignments" (link). The deadline for the pre-assignments is Friday, August 19th. You can miss this deadline, but then we, unfortunately, can guarantee only very limited feedback on your pre-assignments (e.g. correct misunderstandings).
    2. Next, do a set of assignments, instructed on their own page (link). These assignments familiarise you with your major's or programme's thesis idiosyncrasies and help you to think about and study the different matters and elements in your MA thesis. Do not forget to make use of the materials we have collected for you to utilise (link).
    3. After working on the assignments, you are quizzed about the results of your work. You can find the quiz on its own page (link).
    4. Based on the work that you have already done, you are well prepared to write your Thesis Plan Proposal. Submitting the 3-5 pages Thesis Plan Proposal is the last step of TPO course, and at the same time your first step towards completing your MA thesis (link).

    Please notice that the student has to have the correct TPO in their primary Personal Study Plan in Sisu in order to register and participate in the course. Registration opens 1.8.2022.