Topic outline

  • These assignments are part of both TPO, lecture (intensive) and TPO, essay (self-paced) study options. The assignments are:

    1. (a) Topic Development OR (b) Literature Safari
    2. 100 Thesis Ideas
    3. Department of Design Theses
    4. ARTS Thesis Guidelines

    Detailed instructions for each assignment (PDF). At the bottom of this page you'll find submission box which also contains the same assignment instructions.

    In TPO essay (self-paced) study option, deadline to submit assignments is Friday August 19, 2022. All assignments received by this date will get feedback and comments. After this date, assignments will get feedback only when reasonable or for example necessary due to obvious misunderstanding of Thesis Guide instructions.

    • See the description of the 4 assignments attached.

      You can miss submission deadline and still complete the course. In that case, however, we cannot promise feedback to your pre-assignments.

      20.6.23: Upon requests, deadline (=submission closes) has been postponed to July 31.