• Workload (ca. 130 h in total)

    The course includes 10 hours of lectures, 10 hours of exercise sessions, and 3 hours of the exam. Before each session, the attendants independently study the book material (5 h/week x 10 weeks = 50 h) and solve 4 home exercises (3 h/week x 10 weeks = 30 h). Also, each attendant prepares the exercise solution presentations (6 h in total), including a meeting with the teachers. About 20 h will be spent to prepare for the exam.


    The contributions to the grade:

         Exercise solution presentations – max 15 points
         Home exercises – max 35 points
         Final exam – max 70 points

    To pass the course with grade 1, at least 50 points are required. For the grade 5, one has to receive at least 90 points.