• Participant tasks

    1.   Preliminary literature exam Wednesday 14 September 2021. Assessment: Pass / Fail. This cannot be compensated by other assignments. Literature: John Stuart Mill, The Logic of the Moral Sciences (also known as A System of Logic Book VI; the eight edition of 1872 is preferable). Questions will test your understanding of the main points of each chapter. You will answer two of three stated questions. Literature, notes, and internet searches are allowed during the exam.

    2.   Participation in sessions and excursions. Assessment: Pass / Fail. Participants need to attend 10 events and show active interest in discussions.

    3.   Homework - literature to be discussed during the course sessions. Assessment: Pass / Fail. Participants have to show their familiarity with the materials during discussions.

    4.   Facilitation of a discussion, possibly with a few other participants, on a homework topic. Assessment: Pass / Fail.

    5.   Two presentations of your research topic - a more general one at the beginning of the course and a more detailed one at the end. Assessment: Pass / Fail.

    Course assessment

    Pass / Fail. Passing the course requires the completion of the five tasks listed above.