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  • This page contains instructions concerning the Master's Thesis process in WAT programme and Aalto School of Engineering. 

    Please do also read the two key documents i.e. Thesis instructions and Thesis checklists: they are available as .pdf below. 

    Make sure you also read the Student Guide pages concerning Master's Thesis Process and Graduation.

    You can also find some links to the courses offered by the Language Center, and a Discussion Forum to share other beneficial links, hints, thoughts and for example to find peer support or ask practical questions concerning the thesis.

    WAT Master's Thesis process

    The Thesis process is a compulsory part of WAT studies, so please make sure you are familiar with it. The detailed instructions are in the pdf document below, but the main steps of the process are:

    1. Attending (listening to) one Master's thesis seminar
    2. Presenting your research proposal in WAT Master's thesis pre-seminar
    3. Attending a Finalizing session
    4. Presenting your finalized thesis in WAT Master's thesis seminar

    The Thesis schedule 

    The Thesis is scheduled for the 2nd study year's spring semester, but the implementation depends on your individual study plan. You should, however, start thinking about your interest areas already during the 1st study year and start the Thesis process in the spring term, or the 2nd year's autumn term by attending one Master's Thesis seminar and reading the Aalto ENG guidelines for Master's Thesis (please see the instructions for details).

    The Thesis work starts by contacting a WAT professor and agreeing on the topic. The actual work should take around 6 months, during which you will write a research plan and present it in the WAT pre-seminar, write the thesis and attend the finalizing session, and present the finalized theses in WAT Master's Thesis seminar.

    WAT Master's Thesis seminar

    Seminar dates: Each month August-June. The dates are announced through WAT Master's Programme Teams. The seminar dates are usually on a Wednesday 1,5 weeks before the degree programme committee deadline.

    The seminar starts always at 15.00 sharp at Water Building's Meeting Room 247a (following the seminar through Teams is still possible, but presenters ought to attend at campus). 

    Note: these are also the dates for pre-seminars and finalizing sessions. The pre-seminar takes place in the same room (and Teams channel) at 14.00. The time of the finalizing session will be agreed with the registered participants each month separately.

    REGISTER to the seminar, pre-seminar and finalizing session at least one week before the planned date by sending an email to Meeri ( meeri.karvinen (at) When registering to the pre-seminar and seminar, remember that you need to agree on the presentation date with your thesis supervisor and advisor(s) and invite them for the seminar as well.

    Applying the thesis topic and evaluation/approval

    You need to apply for the Master's Thesis topic, and for Master's Thesis evaluation and approval at least two weeks prior to a degree programme committee meeting. Please, see the Student Guide for detailed information and the programme committee meeting dates: Thesis deadlines.

    The evaluation form used to grade your thesis, see here.

    Useful links 

    Below you can find links to other Thesis-related pages and courses in Into and MyCourses. Please, use the Discussion forum to share the pages and courses you have found useful, so that we can add them into this page!

    Student Guide
    • WAT Programme's main page
      • AaltoENG instructions for master's thesis, Thesis style guides, Thesis templates, Application deadlines, Turnitin links etc..

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