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  • Projects and Individual Studies / Projektit ja henkilökohtaiset suoritukset

    Instructions for students

    Select the course ”AXM-E0201 Study project” on your Sisu study plan. In some majors the study project is part of the major alternative studies, in others it should be added to the elective studies. Read the major specific instructions on the MyCourses page. No registration in Sisu is needed. Complete the project according to the instructions and submit a report to the teacher. The teacher will send the credits to Learning Services (LES) and Learning Services will register them in Sisu.

    You can only complete a specific course once. Therefore, if you intend to complete several projects or independent studies, you must add them to your study plan as study drafts. Agree upon the content and scope of the project with a teacher and add a study draft to your elective studies. After adding the draft, complete the project according to the instructions. After the teacher has approved the project, they will send the credits to Learning Services. After this you need to apply for a custom course credit through the study draft. Please see instructions in Sisu-HELP: 


    Ohje opiskelijalle

    Valitse opintojakso ”AXM-E0201 Opintoprojekti” opintosuunnitelmallesi Sisussa. Joissakin pääaineissa opintoprojekti sisältyy pääaineen vaihtoehtoisiin opintoihin (major alternative studies), muissa se lisätään vapaasti valittaviin opintoihin. Tämän jälkeen tutustu pääainekohtaisiin ohjeisiin MyCourses-sivulla. Erillistä ilmoittautumista Sisussa ei tarvita. Suorita projekti ohjeiden mukaisesti ja toimita raportti opettajalle. Opettaja lähettää Oppimispalveluille (LES) suoritusilmoituksen, jonka perusteella suoritus kirjataan Sisuun. Sisussa yhden opintojakson voi suorittaa vain kerran. Jos aiot sisällyttää opintoihisi useamman projektin tai henkilökohtaisen suorituksen, sinun tulee lisätä ne opintosuunnitelmallesi opintoluonnoksina. Sovi suorituksen sisällöstä ja laajuudesta opettajan kanssa ja lisää sen mukainen opintoluonnos vapaasti valittaviin opintoihisi. Opintoluonnoksen lisäämisen jälkeen tee suoritus samojen ohjeiden mukaisesti. Kun opettaja on hyväksynyt suorituksen, hän lähettää suoritusilmoituksen Oppimispalveluille. Tämän jälkeen sinun tulee hakea opintoluonnoksen kautta henkilökohtaista suoritusta. Katso Sisu-HELPin ohje: 


  • Art Education (in english)

    AXM-E0201 Study Project (1-15 cr)  is and Art Education project course with varying content primarily for MA students. The course can be completed by carrying out a project independently or in group, or further exploring one’s professional interests. There is also a possibility to work with external partners, or within a project that has been initiated by a teacher/professor. When proposing a project, please straightly contact a responsible teacher of chosen theme whom the Project Plan will be fixed with!

    Course Assignments:

    1. Project Plan (tutored and accepted by responsible teacher)

    2. Project documentation

    3. Project Report

    Responsible teachers by theme:

    Art, Science and Technology:

    Helena Sederholm helena.sederholm@aalto.fi

    Tomi Slotte-Dufva tomi.slottedufva@aalto.fi

    Pedagogical project and experience:

    Marja Rastas marja.rastas@aalto.fi

    Artistic Practice and Research:

    Minna Suoniemi minna.suoniemi@aalto.fi

    Taneli Tuovinen taneli.tuovinen@aalto.fi

    Art, Everyday Life and Society:

    Tiina Pusa tiina.pusa@aalto.fi

    Heidi Fast heidi.fast@aalto.fi 

    Kuvataidekasvatus (suomeksi)

    AXM-E0201 Opintoprojekti (1-15 op) on pääasiassa maisteriopiskelijoille suunnattu kuvataidekasvatuksen vaihtuvasisältöinen projektikurssi. Kurssi suoritetaan toteuttamalla projekti itsenäisesti tai ryhmässä laajentaen, tai tutkimalla omia ammatillisia kiinnostuksen kohteitaan. Projektiopinnoissa on myös mahdollista työskennellä ulkoisten yhteistyötahojen kanssa tai opettajan/professorin ohjaamassa projektissa. Projektiehdotuksissa olethan yhteydessä suoraan projektiteeman omaan vastuuopettajaan, jonka kanssa sovitaan tarkemmin projektisuunnitelmasta!



    1. Projektisuunnitelma (vastuuopettaja ohjaa/hyväksyy)

    2. Projektin dokumentaatio

    3. Projektiraportti



    Projektikurssin vastuuopettajat teemoittain:

    Taide, tiede ja teknologia:

    Helena Sederholm helena.sederholm@aalto.fi

    Tomi Slotte-Dufva tomi.slottedufva@aalto.fi


    Pedagoginen projekti ja kokemus:

    Marja Rastas marja.rastas@aalto.fi


    Taiteellinen toiminta ja tutkiminen:

    Minna Suoniemi minna.suoniemi@aalto.fi

    Taneli Tuovinen taneli.tuovinen@aalto.fi


    Taide, arki ja yhteiskunta:

    Tiina Pusa tiina.pusa@aalto.fi

    Heidi Fast heidi.fast@aalto.fi 

  • Independent projects are one way to earn credits in Aalto, and we want to encourage students to be active also outside official school projects, and you can thus get credits also for this sort of work. We do try to keep the maximum independent study project credits at 15, so that the major part of the studies are still more traditional courses. Examples of projects you could get credits for could include hobby game projects or participation in game jams or other relevant work you do related to games. If you would like to get this sort of credits, please contact Miikka Junnila and we can then discuss your idea more in detail.

  • Students have two options for how to include Study Project in their study plan: 

    • Alternative Studies: Scope needs to be exactly 9 ECTS. This can be either a personal study project or a study project coordinated by a faculty member.

    • Elective Studies: can be any project between 1–15 ECTS. The scope and the details of the project should be agreed with Matti or Markku before starting the project.

  • In Sound in New Media major studies, it’s possible to do up to 15 cr Project Studies as part of the MA degree. The course code is AXM-E0201 and it can be used only once. Minor students should discuss Project Studies with the study coordinator of their own major subject/ home department/ home school.

    Typical cases of Sound in New Media Projects Studies:

    1. Collaborations

    These are projects initiated in collaboration with stakeholders outside the major. These can be other units in Aalto University (e.g. Aalto Acoustics Lab) or companies and organisations outside Aalto, whether in private, public or third sector. Available projects are announced as they appear, and they are typically not following the year clock of Aalto/ ARTS.


    2. Productions

    These are projects initiated by Sound in New Media major/ SOPI research group staff or our students. These include e.g. events produced in student teams, like Ääniaalto sound art festival or e.g. conferences hosted by SOPI or our department. The best way to get involved in this kind of events is to join and be active in student union DADA and keep an eye on SOPI news sent to student mailing lists.


    3. Independent projects

    These are projects initiated by you. You can plan, organise and produce your own project with the support of the academic staff (when negotiated beforehand) and earn credits for your independent learning. All independent projects require a project proposal communicated to (and approved by) an academic advisor before the start of the project, as well as a written project report/ learning diary submitted to the teacher in charge (usually Head of Major).

    About Project Studies

    The purpose of the Project Studies is learning by doing and collaborating in projects with various stakeholders within and outside Aalto University. You have an opportunity to develop your professional skills in real-life projects with an instructor from the academic staff (remember to agree this beforehand).

    The credit range is from 1 to 15 cr, but 3 – 9 cr projects are recommended. If you are planning to complete several smaller projects during your MA studies, it’s recommended that they are bundled into one larger entity under Project Studies since you can use course the code AXM-E0201 only once.

    The general learning objectives of Project Studies are:

    learn to implement your practical sound design skills and knowledge in real-life projects - gain experience in team work and co-creationlearn to plan, manage and schedule a sound design/ music production project learn to present, negotiate and document your design choices and project outcomeslearn to report and assess your own learning

  • VCD requirements for project credits: 
    - a written project plan before starting 
    - written project report after the work is finished

    Before starting your project

    Write a project plan according to the instructions below and send it to your advisor. The project plan has to be approved by your advisor prior to the start of the project, in order to count as part of your studies. No project credits are given retroactively.

    While working on the project, track your working hours, since that will help in defining the final study credits for the project.

    Include the following information, if applicable:

    • Your name
    • Name of the project
    • Your role in the project
    • Partners/Clients/Collaborators in the project
    • Description of the project:
      Brief / Objectives / Planned process / Outcomes
    • Your expected learning outcomes
    • Estimated working hours, categorised for example:
      Research / Design / Production / Meetings / Project Management etc
    • Estimated study credits (1 ECTS = 27 working hours)
    • Schedule: milestones and deadlines
      (define possible milestones you may want to discuss with your advisor)
    • List of your previous project studies and credits (can be a transcript from sisu)

    After finishing your project

    When you have finished your work, write a report according to the instructions below and send it to your advisor. The final amount of study credits is decided by your advisor according to your project plan and your finished report.

    While working on the project, track your working hours, since that will help in defining the final study credits for the project.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PROJECT REPORT (1–3 pages + visual documentation) 

    • A recap on the objectives of the project
    • Description of the process (including failures and detours)
    • Completed working hours
    • Estimated study credits (1 ECTS = 27 working hours)
    • Final outcomes of the project
    • Reflection on initial objectives vs. final outcome
    • Reflection on your own process and learning
    • Visual documentation of the final outcome 

    If you have ideas on developing these instructions, please let VCD staff know.

  • AXM-E0201 Study Project (ViCCA)

    As you can see, the study project module appears in both major alternative studies as a 3-9cr course and in MA elective studies as a 1-15cr course. They have the same course code, which means you can only have it once as either major alternative or MA elective in your study plan. 

    In both cases, multiple projects can be realised within the course (major alternative or MA elective) you decide to include into your study plan. This means that, for instance, if you chose to include AXM-0201 to your MA electives, you can complete several projects that combined are a maximum 15cr. The same goes for the major alternative but only up to 9cr. 

    1 credit equals 27h workload. 

    The credits can only be assigned once during your degree; so, in the case you want to include multiple projects, discuss this with your PSP/HOPS advisor if you are 1st year, or with your Thesis Supervisor if you are 2nd, 3rd or 4th year. You can both keep a draft of which projects (and workload) you will be assigned creditd for within this specific course.

    Alternative Study Project: Can only be assigned as a 3 to 9 cr course. 

    This can be a personal project, or a group project coordinated by a faculty member. In case the latter opportunity arises, you will be notified by email, and we will also update this page. 
    If a personal project, this can be any project which scope fits within your degree learning outcomes (I.e. artwork production, exhibition or event curation, reading group organisation, publication, etc.)

    MA Elective Study Project: Can be assigned as a 1 to 15 cr course. 

    This can be any project whose scope fits within your degree learning outcomes (I.e. artwork production, exhibition or event curation, reading group organisation, publication, etc.). The project and number of credits should be discussed with your PSP/HOPS advisor if you are a first-year student; and with your Thesis Supervisor is you are a second-year student or ‘older’.