• In Sound in New Media major studies, it’s possible to do up to 15 cr Project Studies as part of the MA degree. The course code is AXM-E0201 and it can be used only once. Minor students should discuss Project Studies with the study coordinator of their own major subject/ home department/ home school.

    Typical cases of Sound in New Media Projects Studies:

    1. Collaborations

    These are projects initiated in collaboration with stakeholders outside the major. These can be other units in Aalto University (e.g. Aalto Acoustics Lab) or companies and organisations outside Aalto, whether in private, public or third sector. Available projects are announced as they appear, and they are typically not following the year clock of Aalto/ ARTS.


    2. Productions

    These are projects initiated by Sound in New Media major/ SOPI research group staff or our students. These include e.g. events produced in student teams, like Ääniaalto sound art festival or e.g. conferences hosted by SOPI or our department. The best way to get involved in this kind of events is to join and be active in student union DADA and keep an eye on SOPI news sent to student mailing lists.


    3. Independent projects

    These are projects initiated by you. You can plan, organise and produce your own project with the support of the academic staff (when negotiated beforehand) and earn credits for your independent learning. All independent projects require a project proposal communicated to (and approved by) an academic advisor before the start of the project, as well as a written project report/ learning diary submitted to the teacher in charge (usually Head of Major).

    About Project Studies

    The purpose of the Project Studies is learning by doing and collaborating in projects with various stakeholders within and outside Aalto University. You have an opportunity to develop your professional skills in real-life projects with an instructor from the academic staff (remember to agree this beforehand).

    The credit range is from 1 to 15 cr, but 3 – 9 cr projects are recommended. If you are planning to complete several smaller projects during your MA studies, it’s recommended that they are bundled into one larger entity under Project Studies since you can use course the code AXM-E0201 only once.

    The general learning objectives of Project Studies are:

    learn to implement your practical sound design skills and knowledge in real-life projects - gain experience in team work and co-creationlearn to plan, manage and schedule a sound design/ music production project learn to present, negotiate and document your design choices and project outcomeslearn to report and assess your own learning

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