• Congratulations on starting you doctoral studies in ENG! 

    This course aims to provide all the must-know information, tips and tricks you will need in the process of growing into an academic and a highly competent expert. The course is based on research on previous doctoral students, their supervisors, and on international benchmarks, and it is tailored to your needs. 

    Every session has a key note talk followed by a session where you advance your own learning and thesis work with the support of the teachers and peers. The key themes are

    1. Doctoral thesis process (your learning, official guidelines and alumni stories)
    2. Research excellence (research plan, project management, research ethics and integrity)
    3. Impact-making (how, where, for what? Entrepreneurial ways of working)
    4. Career planning (understanding of the options and own identity, tools for concrete steps)
    5. Scientific practices (e.g. reading, writing, data management)
    6. Scientific communication (oral and written)
    7. Scientific writing (flow and joy of writing, the best techniques for you)

    After completing the course you

    1. Have the knowledge of the process and the best practices for planning and running you thesis project;
    2. Are familiar with the basic tools and services to support your research and learning;
    3. Have a vision of where the doctoral degree will take you and what is needed during the process;
    4. Know about the practices of how to support your wellbeing in research work;
    5. Have a strong peer community to support you with your studies.

    Course structure:

    The course consists of six contact sessions, individual assignments, group work and discussions. Additionally at least two attendances on the weekly  "Flow of work" sessions is mandatory.

    Responsible teacher: Academic coordinator, PhD Maija Taka (maija.taka@aalto.fi)

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