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  • Mastering Influence in Business Communication

    Dear student,
    welcome to Mastering Influence in Business Communication course workspace for the Open University blended learning group May-Jun 2023. 

    Please note that this is a highly interactive course with mandatory attendance and several assignments and deadlines. Study the course schedule and program carefully. You can find it in the section named Overview: Course Program.  

    You will find all the needed information and materials as well as the assignment submission boxes through the grey main menu on the left-hand side of the workspace. (Note that you have to sign in to MyCourses as a course student to see all the needed info. When signed-in, if you can't see the left-hand side menu, click the orange square on the top left corner to change your view.) 

    After the registration has closed, I will send you some more detailed information that will help you get a smooth course start.