Topic outline

    • You will prepare a short research paper in small groups. Here are a few recommendations based on which the reports will also be graded:

      • suggested length is 4–6 pages. 
      • format is free but clear structure is important.
      • include figures, illustrations and/or visual illusions
      • include a list of references; in addition to scientific articles, references can include websites etc. (where did you look for information? where did you get the pics?)
      • include a description of how the workload was divided within the group.

    • Group choice icon

      You will prepare a short research paper in small groups. Please find below topic suggestions for this group work. You can "fine-tune" the topic to better match your group's interests and also suggest a topic of your own (preferably an "applied" theme related to any of the lecture topics). Please pick your topic & group at the latest on Friday 31st March. 

      Group 1: Anomalies of colour vision
      Group 2: Perceptual organisation in animal vision (visual signals, camouflage)
      Group 3: Assessment of working memory precision in clinical settings (e.g., the effect of age on visual working memory precision; visual working memory precision and capacity in schizophrenia patients)
      Group 4: Transsaccadic memory
      Group 5: Visual perception problems in dementia patients
      Group 6: Relationship between inter-individual variability in V1 size and visual perception
      Group 7: Own Topic 1
      Group 8: Own Topic 2