Topic outline

  • Course structure and introduction. 
    Daily schedule for the course

    • Origins of natural dyes.
    • Pre-dyeing preparations: material selection, washing & scouring, mordanting. Coloured mordants. 
    • Colour fastness, sustainability. 
    • Original colours of non-dyed, non-bleached natural materials (e.g. off-white, grey and brown wool).
    White fabrics in a mordanting solution in a bucket.

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              Pre-reading Assignment
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              Before the lecture, please have a look at ONE of the attached snippets on mordanting and prepare to discuss in class.

              The alternative source books of the attached snippets are listed below (arguable slight differences in their perspectives in parentheses):

              Boutrup, J., & Ellis, C. (2018). The art and science of natural dyes: principles, experiments, and results. Schiffer Publishing Limited. 
               (perspective: chemistry and recipe development)
              Cardon, D. (2007). Natural dyes. Sources, tradition, technology and science, Archetype publications.
               (perspective: the traditions of natural dyeing)
              Dean, J. (2018). Wild colour. How to make & use natural dyes. Mitchell and Beazley
               (perspective: artisanal applications)
              Räisänen, R., Primetta, A., & Niinimäki, K. (2016). Dyes from Nature. Archetype publications.
               (perspective: larger scale/industrial applications)
              Räisänen, R., Primetta, A., & Niinimäki, K. (2020). Luonnonväriaineet. Helsingin yliopisto.
                (näkökulma: teollinen värjäys)

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