• Allmänt

    Elective course in Sustainable Metals Processing major. Teaching Period IV-V (Spring 2023)

    Lectures 10 h
    Tutorials 8 h
    Project work 57 h
    Independent (group) studies 60 h


    Learning outcomes

    After the course the student can 

    ◦ describe industrial problem as a system, in terms of its thermodynamic variables. 

    ◦ use thermochemical properties of systems and their analytical expressions in the simulation of properties and processes. 

    ◦ analyse and model experimental data in the chemical equilibrium calculations. 

    ◦ E6115 deepens the contents of courses E6100 and E6105 in thermodynamic analysis of experimental data.

    Teaching methods

    ◦ lectures

    ◦ tutorials and guided assessments

    ◦ project work in groups of two in a selected individual topic

    ◦ independent study and exam

    Course material

    ◦ Handouts from lectures and selected scientific papers. 

    Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamic Modeling of Solutions | ScienceDirect (Arthur Pelton)

    The book is accessible on Aalto network (through Aalto VPN from other networks)