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  • In this hands-on course you will design and manufacture microwave components, and learn how to test your prototypes - and any radio system!

    This course handles system-level design and evaluation of RF devices. Herein we also consider noise and non-linearity, which are essential in the design of active RF circuits, e.g. radio transceivers. Special emphasis is put on obtaining the ability to experimentally evaluate and analyse microwave circuits (i.e. your own prototypes), including practical spectrum and network analysis methods, as well as power and noise measurements. Students also carry out independent information acquisition, small-group work, and oral presentation of project results.

    After you designed microwave components and a small radio system in "Microwave Engineering II" (i.e. a Doppler radar), you can now go ahead and manufacture prototypes, and test their RF characteristics.

    The first lecture of this course will be held on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, at 10:15 in TU4. Welcome!

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      Introduction to the course contents and all practicalities, and briefly to the project assignment.

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