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    Micronova lab course 2023.

    Do you want to get hands on experience in characterization methods used in micro and nanotechnology?

    Curious about what happens in Micronova, the leading micro and nanotechnology research center of Finland?

    If yes, this course is for you.

    These MyCourse pages will be updated during the course,

    ELEC-E3280 Micronova Laboratory Course, 5 cr ,Teaching Period  I-II

    The course is  primarily intended for students majoring in the following subjects:

    • Photonics and Nanotechnology

      If more than 25 students enroll, students in above mentioned majors have priority.

      The course consists of five lab works each focusing on different areas of microelectronics and photonics.

      Each lab work consists of pre-lab exercises, the actual lab work and a final report

      Pre-lab exercises will be done individually, the lab works and final reports in groups of 2-4. 

      Teaching personnel:

      Responsible teacher: Sami Suihkonen

      Lab work 1. X-ray reflectivity of ALD thin films
      Sami Suihkonen and Ahmad Shahahmadi
      Labwork on weeks 38 and 39, material available 4.9.

      Lab work 2. Characterization of a silicon solar cell
      Behrad Radfar and Olli Setälä
      Labwork on weeks 40 and 41, material available on 18.9.

      Lab work 3. 2D materials
      Tuomas Pajunpää
      Labwork on weeks 43 and 44, material available on 9.10.

      Lab work 4.  Organic thin-film transistor
      Katherine Gallegos Rosas
      Labwork on weeks 45 and 46, material available on 23.10.

      Lab work 5. Nanowires
      Mohamed Radwan
      Labwork on weeks 47 and 48, material available on 6.11.

      Passing and grading:The course is graded pass/fail

      The following must be completed in order to pass the course:
      • Accepted pre-lab exercises for all 5 lab works
      • Participation in each 5 lab works
      • Accepted final reports for all 5 lab works

      5 ECTS

      Learning Outcomes: 
      Students get familiar with laboratory works within micro and nanotechnology.
      They also gather knowledge of the characterization methods and equipment available in Micronova.

      Study Material:
      Variable literature related to the lab works.

      First year studies of relevant masters programme

      Language of Instruction: