Osion kuvaus

  • The fourth module is about the tools and processes for managing important individual sales cases and managing the entire portfolio of ongoing sales cases.


    Sales opportunity managements: When selling solutions with high cost of sales, an important managerial task is to prioritise between available sales opportunities to ensure best use of resources. Preparation for the day is done by reading a whitepaper "Sales opportunity management" (in Finnish or in English)  The white paper outlines the key concepts and processes for sales opportunity management. The presentation of the day is also based on the opportunity management white paper. Please assign yourself into a group here.

    During the lecture, I will focus on outlining sales opportunity management. Link to presentation material: presentation material. We also do a group exercise based on an opportunity evaluation tool (presented in the pre-reading material). Link: Opportunity evaluation questions.

    After the class, please take the quiz on opportunity management. Please note that the quiz is based on the pre-reading material.


    Sales funnel management. The sales funnel management is managerial process that evaluates and decides on the entire portfolio of active sales opportunities. The funnel management is the link between selling and the rest of the organisation, providing information for production, resource management, and even share holders about how the company is expected to perform in the foreseeable future.

    Preparation for the day is to read the article "Assessing value co-creation and value capture potential in services: A management framework". This paper extends the earlier discussed buying and selling process structures into management processes. The article will be presented.

    During the lecture I will present and discuss the key elements of sales funnel management. Please find the presentation material here.

    The funnel management quiz is based on the lecture material.