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    This course will familiarize you with the new product development challenges that product and service marketers face in complex environments. You will obtain an understanding of the core approaches and concepts for developing user-centric innovations that allow firms to succeed in such fast-paced, fiercely competitive markets. Through contact sessions, readings, and assignments you will gain knowledge of and will learn to apply the key  practices related to managing a company's new product development in a market­-oriented way.

    The course is structured around the design thinking process

    • understanding: examining value perceptions and needs of key customers, users and stakeholders

    • reframing: identifying value creation opportunities and market constraints

    • ideating: utilizing a variety of methods to explore potential new offerings

    • experimenting: testing assumptions and learning through prototyping

    Throughout this process, we will examine managerial implications, learn from case examples, and apply key methods in projects. Groups will work on a case in which they will develop new value, applying methods and insights on the case throughout the course. Weekly class times on Tuesdays and Thursdays 13.15-15 are reserved for lectures and workshops, in addition to which there are weekly individual and group tasks on the case.

    The sessions will take place in Undergraduate centre, Otakaari 1, in room U8 (U270).

    Course work

    There are individual and group assignments that should be submitted during the course. These assignments make a part of your grade, and you can find detailed instructions under each course module. Attending workshops and participating in class group work also count toward your grade.



    In groups


    Quiz 1

    31.10. noon

    Opportunity description

    2.11. noon 

    Interview and report

    9.11. noon

    Interview plan

    3.11. end of day

    Quiz 2

    14.11. noon


    Live: 30.11.
    Written: 1.12 end of day

    Quiz 3 

    21.11. noon

    Final report

    10.12. end of day

    Quiz 4

    28.11. noon

    The dates are subject to change, final dates will be set by the first session. 

    Course grading

    The course grade comprises of maximum 70 points distributed in the following way:

    • 4 individual quiz assignments 3 points each (total 12 points)
    • Interview assignment 8 points
    • In-session group work participation in workshops (26.10., 2.11., 9.11., 16.11., and 23.11.) 2 points each (10 points)
    • 2 Group assignments: challenge description 5 points and interview plan 5 points.
    • Group assignment: final pitch 30.11. (10 points, attendance mandatory) and final report due 10.12. (20 points)

    You can replace max 2 out of five workshop sessions by doing replacement tasks that you will submit to MyCourses (for the points and to your group for the participation and effort. The instructions will be updated to MyCourses right after every workshop. 

    Course grade
    64-70 = 5 
    57-63 = 4 
    50-56 = 3 
    43-49 = 2 
    36-42 = 1 
    below 35 = 0 / Fail

    Please contact the responsible teacher Senni Kirjavainen senni.kirjavainen at aalto.fi if you have any questions about the course!

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      Group formation DL at noon 26.10. Gruppval