• The course Parametric Design is an intro into fundamental concepts of parametric design thinking in architecture and landscape architecture using Grasshopper, a plug- in to Rhinoceros. The course covers basics of geometry of curves & surfaces, NURBS-geometry and fundamentals of data-handling.

    All teaching within the course will be conducted remotely! An Introduction into the course takes place on Tuesday 9 Jan 2024 at 10:00 at zoom.

    The course is organized in six blocks related to one specific topic. It is recommended to work through the course in the given sequence of topics, one topic each week. The learning is supported by exercises as well as weekly Q&A sessions. In addition, some readings are provided for a better understanding of parametric design. Successful completion of the course is based on in-time submission of the three designated homework assignments. 

    Q&A: always Tuesday 10-12 at zoom (starting on 16.1.2024)

    All materials and lectures can be found from the tutorial link: here

    Week 1 - Associative Geometry

    Week 2 - Curves

    Assignment: Homework_1

    Week 3 - Surfaces

    Week 4 - Data Handling

    Assignment: Homework_2

    Week 5 - Form-Finding

    Week 6 - Optimization

    Assignment: Homework_3

    In preparation of the course you need to have (at least) the latest Rhino 6 version installed on your computer. A 90-day full version for evaluation is available at this link:


    Successful completion of the course requires submission of Homework_1, Homework_2 and Homework_3 no later than 1 March 2024 at 23:00.


    The Grasshopper Primer (3rd edition)

    The Grasshopper Primer (2nd edition)

    Generative Algorithms

    Reading List on Digital in Architecture

    Carpo, Mario: The Digital in Architecture 1992-2012, Wiley, 2013

    Carpo, Mario: The Alphabet and the Algorithm, MIT Press, 2011

    Oxman, Rivka & Oxman, Robert: Theories of the Digital in Architecture, Routledge, 2014

    Picon, Antoine: Digital Culture in Architecture, Birkhäuser, 2010

    Helmut Pottman et.al.:Architectural Geometry, Bentley Institute Press, 2007