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  • General Information and Announcement

    Course name: “5G technologies and services for business and entrepreneurs (5 ECTS)." Intensive teaching.

    Zoom link for Workshop week (27-31 May 2024): 

    Teaching will be held onsite in Otaniemi Campus of Aalto University on week #17-22. Hybrid teaching with remote synchronous interaction will be arranged for students in Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (Ethiopia) and Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria). Language of instruction will be English. Content will be lectured synchronous on Mondays and Wednesdays covering two hours of contact teaching per day, from 16-18 in Finland, from 16-18 in Ethiopia, and from 14-16 in Nigeria. Group work will be held on Fridays in a non-synchronous way from 10-12 in Finland, from 16-18 in Ethiopia, and from 14-16 in Nigeria. In the last week of the course (week #22), we are having the workshop presentation of the student groups projects.

    First teaching session will be held on Mon. 22.4.2024 at 16:00 Finland (onsite: Room T5 in CS building)/16:00 Ethiopia (remotely in Zoom)/14:00 Nigeria (remotely in Zoom)

    Teaching Activities: Lectures & quizzes (25 hours); Group work meetings (16 hours); individual homework (30 hours); group homework (60 hours).

    Assessment: Quizzes (pre- and post-lecture) and group work.

    Grading scale: Pass/Fail.

    Responsible teachers (Aalto University, Finland):
    • Prof. Marko Nieminen, Aalto-SCI (
    • Dr. Alexis Dowhuszko, Aalto-ELEC (
    • Prof. Olatundun Janet Adelegan, Aalto-BIZ (
    • Dr. Karin Fröhlich, Aalto SCI (

    Responsible teachers
     (Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Ethiopia):
    • Prof. Bisrat Derebssa (
    • Mr. Umerulfaruque Shehseid Taju (
    • Dr. Worku Abera (

    Responsible teachers (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria):

    • Prof. Adeolu B. Ayanwale (
    • Dr. Ayodeji Kehinde (

    Course content: Divided into four different units, whose contents are expanded as follows: 

    • Unit 1: 5G mobile technologies. From 1G to 5G. Mobile (4G/LTE & 5G/NR) vs. Wireless (Wi-Fi). Mobile network architecture (RAN, CN). 5G standardization (ITU, 3GPP). 5G technology enablers (Carrier Aggregation, frame numerology, massive-MIMO). Machine-type communications and Narrow-Band IoT. Non-terrestrial networks (space and aerial). 
    • Unit 2: Human-centered design, prototyping and piloting of 5G products and mobile services. Exploration and analysis of user needs and customer requirements for specifying and prioritising product features and service characteristics. Elaboration on the development of prototypes for real-life evaluation and piloting with anticipated users and customers in living lab surroundings.
    • Unit 3: Introduction to entrepreneurship. Role of 5G in the development of Sub-Saharan Africa (Education, business, agriculture, etc.). Digitalized vs Conventional Entrepreneurship. Connections between Globalization, International Competition, International Trade & Development cooperation and Entrepreneurial Ideas that 5G can unlock in Global South.
    • Unit 4: Business models, commercialization, finance. Entrepreneurial Ideas from Global South. Tactics for different types of Pitches. Business Model Canvas (including Business Finance). Sources of financing Entrepreneurial Ventures (long-term financing, capital structure, common stock, different types of debt). Bankability & financing for Start-ups (definition, risks).

    Mandatory course program (ALL participants Finland, Ethiopia & Nigeria)


    This seminar course provides a baseline description of 5G and its related key technologies combined with opportunities to apply them in business and entrepreneurial settings. After the basics of 5G are introduced, contemporary 5G New Radio (NR) standards are covered with focus on the capabilities enabled by its radio access and core networks. The technology is reflected with opportunities to apply it in business and entrepreneurial settings covering aspects of emerging markets in global south. Recent technology developments from the newly developed 5G NR standard beyond terrestrial human-centric communications are approached, including machine-centric communications and non-terrestrial networks.