Reading tasks before contact session 2 (21.3.) - DL 20.3.2018

Due: Wednesday, 21 March 2018, 12:00 AM

First reading task
Read and familiarize yourself with Chapter 3 Discipline-based teaching from the book University teaching in focus: a learning-centred approach / edited by Lynne Hunt and Denise Chalmers. Abingdon, Oxon; New York: Routledge, 2013.
Chapter 3 Discipline-based teaching (written by Ray Land), pp. 38-55
Second reading task
Browse through the following reports (see below). They will give you an idea about future work skills.

•How do skills  differ?
•How should you take into account them in your teaching/minor/major/programme,  or should you?
•Consider your own field/discipline has it changed in past 10 years? What kind of skills/knowledge/competence are needed in the future in your field?

  1. Future Work Skills 2020. Institute for the Future for the University of Phoenix Research Institute.

  2. What are the 21st-century skills every student needs?  World economic forum.

Third task (find/read/write)
•Goal: Get some view of publications in your own field of education
•Task: Choose one of the journals and browse papers published in 2014-2017
•Select one or two different types of papers, which you find interesting
Write a short (500-1000 words) summary of the papers, in which you discuss

•Goals / research questions of the paper
•Motivation for the work. What is the problem addressed?
•What data is collected and how it is analysed, if there is an empirical part in the work?
•Are there any learning theories / models in the background?
•What are the central results and conclusions?
•How can the results be applied in teaching practice?
•Return your writing to MyCourses –environment -> Home assignments
•Be prepared for discussing the paper with your peers on this course.