Reading tasks for Contact session 3 (12.4.2018) - DL 11.4.208

Due: Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 11:00 PM

Reading tasks: Read one of the following (or more if you have time)

You do not submit any written task in this "box",  but we will use these materials on Thursday's contact session.

Furthermore, you can also use these, when reflecting your teaching methods in your essay.

Biggs and Tang. 2011. Teaching for Quality Learning at University. Chapter2: Teaching according to how students learn.  - link to e-book

Moon Jenny : Reflection in Higher Education Learning 

Moon Jenny: Guide for Busy Academics No. 4 Learning through reflection - link to the material

Tynjälä,P. 2005. Konstruktivistinen oppimiskäsitys ja asiantuntijuuden edellytysten rakentaminen