Pre assignment, DL 10.9.

Due: Monday, 10 September 2018, 11:55 PM
Make a submission

The assignment has two parts. You can submit them in a one word/pdf file or as two separate files in case you want to do the part B e.g. in excel.

A) What do you expect from this course? What feedback related topics interest you especially? What kinds of goals or learning outcomes would you like to set for yourself? (max one page)

 B) Sources of feedback. I would like you to think about sources of feedback and what the feedback is about and fill in the “Feedback table” (template is attached): 

- Who/what provides you feedback relating to teaching and learning? You can think feedback in a context of a single course and/or in a context of a study program. 

- What is the feedback about? Is it about the content/intended learning outcomes, how the course/study program is organized, how the course is taught or is the feedback about the quality of the learning outcomes?

Try to think at least a couple of different sources of feedback. For instance, students are one source of feedback but do you receive feedback from some other people or instances as well?