FINAL ESSAY (part 1: Lecture Series)

Due: Monday, 11 March 2019, 11:50 PM

Please prepare and submit the following materials:

1) FINAL ESSAY of the PHASE 1 (lecture series). This essay should be an overall reflection of the "lecture series" and, optionally, of their connections with your own field of studies or interest. You can use your learning diary but remember that the Essay should be more synthetic, propositive and explorative since it should explain how you want to deal with the "Sustainability Development" concept in general, and optionally, within your own field of practice or research.... (self-made theories and ideas will be a plus!!). 5-10 pages (diagrams and schemes are welcome!, References and citations from the key authors studied in the course should be included in the text and listed in the Bibliography)

2) A POWERPOINT with a summary of your final essay (please consider that you will have 10 minutes for your presentation)