Take home questionnaire for Week 5 (Jyrki Koskinen)

Deadline: April 1st, 2019 @ 23:59:55

We would like you to think critically about everything that was discussed in this week's lecture and reflect on what you were presented with. To help you do this, we have provided you with some questions. Answer the questions in a short-essay fashion (you can think of this as a kind of learning diary); i.e, your answers should not exceed half a page for each question.

This assignment is worth 2 points. Late submissions will suffer a 20% penalty for being up to a day late and a 50% penalty for being more than a day late. Assignments more than 2 days late will not be graded.

Questions (short answers expected):

  1. How does a good service differ from a poor one? How to create a perfect user experience?
  2. What challenges do data legislation initiatives GDPR & secondary usage of data create for data analytics? What opportunities?
  3. Anonymization of data is a bulletproof solution for data privacy – or is it? Discuss.
  4. Sum up Aurora A.I. (What, Why?)
  5. What is your view on the Finnish AI strategy?