Your three simple research questions

Due: Friday, 11 September 2020, 11:59 PM
Make a submission

Suggest three topics for a research project that your group will perform. For each of these, the measures are expected to be performed with both MEG and fMRI.

As guideline, submissions may include a brief outline of approximately 1-2 paragraphs of text for each research question that your team wants to investigate.

Ideally, this should include: 

  1. The project goal: what would you like to study -- e.g., "visual processing of  familiar and unfamiliar emotional faces" (1-2 sentences).
  2. A birds-eye overview of what has been done in this field before: what is already known -- e.g. brain regions involved -- and what remains unknown (2-5 sentences). 
  3. A general idea of how do you plan to study it -- e.g. we will compare evoked responses to rapidly presented happy vs. angry vs. neutral faces of people familiar and unfamiliar to the subject (1-3 sentences).

Please submit one single pdf file per group. One submission is required for each group and any member can upload the document.

Remember to submit your proposal before Friday the 11th of September at midnight.