Learning log 1 - DL 26.1.2022

Due: Wednesday, 26 January 2022, 5:00 PM
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The aim of the learning logs is to focus and follow your learning and become aware of your thought processes. Learning log is a reflective writing concerning the topics presented during the contact sessions. It is a unique record of your thinking and learning during the course.

The length of the learning log reflection is appx.  0,5-1 A4 page.

In the learning log you can think and write for example:

• What were your thoughts after the teaching session?
• What supported your learning during the teaching session?
• What kind of thoughts and ideas arouse to you concerning the themes presented?
• How can you apply these ideas to your own teaching?
• Where would you like to focus in the future? etc.

The logs are visible only for the teachers.