Assignment 1: Setting goals for sustainability integration

Senaste inlämningsdatum: Tuesday, 22 March 2022, 12:00
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1. Realities
  • What are your possibilities in regard to the course you work on? How does your course stand in the programme, how much “space” do you have for course development? Elaborate. If you want, you can utilize the schematic chart provided to identify your position.
2. Identifying sustainability themes relevant to my scholarly / professional field
  • What dimensions of sustainability in general, and more specific sustainability issues are relevant for your field? Think also about indirect links.
3. What about education in your field?
  • Does the current education in your field (programme, main subject) address these issues at the moment – what aspects are covered already, what kind of issues should be addressed more in your opinion?
  • You can also reflect on your own teaching and/or the specific course you are working on. What aspects would you like to address in your teaching?
  • What is your personal goal in developing your teaching in regard to sustainability integration?
This activity is automatically marked as completed when you submit your assignment.

Additional file: Schematic chart you can use in your reflections