Assignment: Thematic package 2

Due: Friday, 19 August 2022, 11:59 PM


Learning reflection: mind map & video/audio (10 %, 0-10 points)

Reflect on your learning from the thematic package 2. Summarize in 1-2 sentences, what do you think was the key message of the package? Prepare then a digital mind map, in which you place your summary in the center of the pattern. Enrich your mind map by answering to the following questions.

  1. Name two important and central things you learned. Describe in your own words, how do you understand these things? Did what you learned support your understanding so far, or did your perception change, if so, how? Do you disagree with some of the ideas presented to you?

  2. How do you think things relate to the whole of marketing and managing services?

  3. How important and timing do you think these issues are to service businesses and

    service managers today and in future?

You may reflect your thoughts to your own experience or to e.g. social, environmental, firm or industry specific issue based on your own interests. Or, if you think these issues are not relevant to the service managers and the service industry, argue and justify.


  1. Prepare a digital mind map (one template) using 10-50 items. As items, used may be, for example, graphical illustrations, key words, quotes, photos or short phrases. You may build your mind map in whatever way you see fit. However, avoid using long sentences. There is no one way to do the mind map but you are encouraged to be creative.

  2. As a tool, you are suggested to use Miro, but using any other digital mind mapping tool or software is equally fine. (Instructions to use Miro you’ll find:

  3. Prepare also a videotaped presentation, in which you explain your mind map (i.e. the narrative, or your answers to the questions). In addition to the mind map, you are not expected to include any additional visual content to your video. Also, plain voice audio record (and the mind map as separate file) is enough, if you can make sure that your audience can follow your narrative. The maximal total presentation time is 5 minutes.

  4. The task is designed as an individual work.

  5. Submit both, your min map (photo or a link to the Miro template) and the videotaped

    (max. 5 min) presentation.

  6. Grading will be based on a scale from 0-10 points. Grading of the assignment will be

    based on, primarily to the content of your narrative and secondary, to the visual 

    presentation of your mind map. The grading follows the general grading instructions

    given under heading “3. General instructions for the assignments”.