Assignment: Thematic package 4

Due: Friday, 16 September 2022, 11:59 PM


Learning reflection: reflection note on two articles (10 %, 0-10 points)

You are asked to read two academic articles related to thematic package 4 topics. The articles will be provided for download on the MyCourses platform on January 25. 2021. Participants are asked to reflect on articles, addressing the following questions:

1. Compare articles. What is/are the topic(s) that the articles address on? What are the main research questions of the articles? (2 p)

2. Compare articles. How are these questions answered? What methods are used? What are the findings the authors have made? (2 p)

3. Compare articles. What kind of theoretical contributions or managerial implications do the articles offer (if any)? How timing do you think these implications are for service managers and / or for societies (decision makers) today?  (3 p)

4. Compare articles. Do you think the article is relevant to service businesses in order them to face the challenges of today and future? Why or why not? What kind of services would benefit the most from this article? You may reflect your thoughts to e.g. social, environmental, economic or industry specific challenges based on your own interests. Or, if you think the article offers nothing useful to service industry, argue and justify. (3 p)

You are free (but not required) to use any sources in addition to the two given articles.


1. Participants are asked to write 2-3 word-pages of reflection on articles, addressing the questions above. Please note, that three pages should NOT be exceeded.

2. The task is designed as an individual work.

3. Grading of the case study report will be based on a scale from 0-10 points. The grading follows the general grading instructions given under heading “3. General instructions for the assignments”.