Assignment 1: Application Performance Analysis without and with Conceptual Models

Due: Sunday, 25 September 2022, 11:59 PM

Without much preparation, select an everyday application (work/ study/ hobbies/ leisure) which -- based on your opinion -- performs in a sub-optimal manner. Describe the application/product and the sub-optimal operation. Write your thoughts about that application: why does it bother you? What’s wrong with it? Write this relatively quick “initial everyday thinking” in the beginning of your report.

Then, read chapter 2 from the coursebook (Benyon). Familiarise yourself with the PACT model. Compare/relate the PACT model with the ACM Curricula model from year 1992. Analyse and report conceptual similarities/overlaps and differences between the models. Furthermore, consult “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman. Look for a model on the human steps in interacting with surrounding systems.

After having familiarized with the models, use them as a framework to analyse the same application again. Address the application systematically with the different aspects that the models point out. Reflect on the content of your analysis now and in the beginning (the “initial everyday thinking”): what kind of changes are there in your analysis? How do you find the differences and the analysis supported by the models?

Finalise your report with appropriate conclusions. Do not forget to include the list of references that you have used in your text. Submit your report to the electronic/MyCourses return box.