Assignment 2: Defining Criteria for Evaluating and Measuring Usability

Due: Sunday, 2 October 2022, 11:59 PM

The aim with this assignment is to learn to elaborate on explicit criteria that can be used to measure usability. Sometimes, usability is considered to be an individual and personal preference. In this assignment, the aim is to learn to define criteria and metrics that can be used to measure usability based on internationally agreed non-subjective parameters.

Your task is to familiarize yourself with the models on utility and usability. You may continue to use the product/application/service that you used in assignment 1 or choose a new one. 1) The first part of the assignment is to identify the various promised utility that the chosen application is supposed to deliver. This typically exists in the sales pitches and brochures and delivers answer to questions “What does this product/service do?” Identify these opportunities first. Second, is to identify the different user groups (including a “main” one) and create a description on the aspects of context-of-use for the product/service. Use the ISO9241-11 concept of use as the conceptual framework for that. Based on the identification of the user and context, elaborate and define the usability acceptance criteria using e.g., the metrics/attributes provided by the ISO9241-11 model or using Nielsen’s usability attributes with the help of the “usability goal matrix”.

Complete your report with appropriate conclusions and/or recommendations. Do not forget to include the list of references that you have used in your text. Submit your report to the electronic/MyCourses return box.