Assignment 4: Interview Guide

Due: Sunday, 16 October 2022, 11:59 PM

Go to SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods, and read entries “Interviewing”, “Semi-structured Interview”, and “Interview Guide”.

Case: the maker of an application (a new one, or the one you used in previous assignments) hires you to interview their users in order of them fixing some usability issues.
Prepare an interview guide consisting of 10-15 questions that you would like to ask. Explain briefly why you included all the questions. Then, interview another user of the application (if you can’t find anyone, ask someone to interview you with your questions). Then write a reflection of the interview. What questions could have been worded differently, did you find out what you were looking for etc.
Return the interview guide with explanations and the reflection as one pdf file to MyCourses.