Assignment 9: Research Design

Due: Sunday, 27 November 2022, 11:59 PM

This assignment lets you practice research design, in other words, how you choose the methods for a study. If you did not attend the lecture or if you want to think further about research designs, read this article: 

Consider the following scenario: 

Your 2-person team of user-centred designers for a customer-to-customer online marketplace for second-hand clothes. Your task is to identify user needs that both sellers and buyers have for the system. You can work full-time for 2 weeks to gather data in doing user research, after which you will be analysing the data.  


  1. Decide two research questions that you will focus on in your research. Which methods will your 2-person team use? Which participants will you study? 

  1. Draw a diagram (similar to the one in the slides and in the web page above) that shows the RQs and methods and how each method answers the RQs so and triangulates each other. User short method names in the diagram. 

  1. Below the diagram, write more detailed descriptions of the methods (2-3 lines /method) where you also describe which participants are studied in each method.