3. ABC: categorise the tasks

Watch the following introductory video (3 min):

Now that you have listed all the tasks of a single week on post-it notes, sort them according to the ABC system:


•Group A tasks


The key tasks that help you reach the results, goals and future you are aspiring to. Use your prime time and energy on these with an effort level of 80–100%

 (For instance, crucial courses towards your major, an important project at work, a major match in a sport you are doing, etc.)

Tip: Choose four to six things to which you will devote the most energy and your prime time, these are ‘your things’.


•Group B tasks


Necessary, often routine tasks, with less impact on your goals. Use only a moderate amount of time and energy on these with an effort level of 60–80%. (E.g. a course you can drop if it gets too difficult)



•Group C tasks:


These are unimportant tasks, which you may not have to do at all. You should do these at the effort level of 0–60%, because these are things to do only if you have time. In other words, there will be no consequences for not doing them right now.


Take a picture of all the post-it notes for future reference (if you have a lot of notes, take a picture of the A, B and C groups separately). This way you will remember what you had written even if you happen to lose the notes.

Kori A