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Picture of Eeva Berglund

ethnographic moment

by Eeva Berglund - Sunday, 13 January 2019, 4:57 PM

Marilyn Strathern (1999) A sense of engaging two fields (of knowledge/competence) at once, one 'out there' and another 'in academia'. "Ethnographers set themselves not just the task of comprehending the effect that certain practices and artefacts have in people's lives, but of re-creating some of those effects in teh context of writing about them."

Audrey Prost : 'the ‘ethnographic moment’, i.e. the moment in which the anthropologist rises to meet a revealed problematic encapsulated in a particular instance of fieldwork, may be paralleled to the experience of religious epiphany, whereby embodied and intellectual understanding of phenomena and situation come to merge, producing a totalising understanding of the field and the “afield”'.

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