May 2nd: Pecuniary returns to education

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Presenters: Ossi Tahvonen


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Presenters: Ellen Sahlström


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Presenters: Ozan Yanar


May 3rd: Non-pecuniary returns to education

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Presenters: Lauri Koski


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Presenters: Anna Holvio


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Presenters: Marko Ikävalko


May 9th: Signaling vs. human capital

Tyler, J. H., Murmane, R. J. and Willet, J.B. (2000). Estimating the Labor Market Signaling Value of the GED. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 115(2), 431-468.

Presenters: Karl Linnupöld, Amir Hassan


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Presenters: Pinja Lempinen


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Presenters: Willka Reyes


May 10th: Preschool and daycare

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Presenters: Laure Roobaert, Jesse Haapanen


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Presenters:  Elsa Ord-Hume


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Presenters: Siiri Eteläaho

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