1. Lecture Assignments: Your Path to Success
  • Pre-Class Assignments (2 total): Prepare for your learning journey by completing these before class.
  • Post-Class Assignments (3 total): Cement your knowledge after the lectures with these tasks.
  • Passing Criteria: All assignments must be passed to succeed in this course.
  • Where to Find Them: Check MyCo for deadlines and access all necessary materials.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Group Research Assignment

  • Form a Squad (4 students): Collaborate with peers, ideally from your major (Strategy, ODL, OM, PIM, INFO).
  • Think about your Topic: Which topic sparks interest within your major?
  • Register Your Group: Head to MyCo to make it official!

3. Guidance is Key: Interacting with Your Instructor

  • Meet Your Mentor: We'll assign an instructor to your group once you sign up.
  • Choose Your Research Topic Together: Collaboration leads to better outcomes.

4. Planning for Success: Submit Your Research Plan

  • Deadline Details: Find out when on MyCo's front page.
  • First Step: Submit your plan on MyCo.
  • Get Feedback: Schedule a meeting with your instructor for guidance.

5. Drafting Towards Excellence

  • Research & Write: Dive into your topic and pen down your findings.
  • Draft Submission: Show your progress by submitting a draft to your instructor and plan a meeting for feedback.
  • Deadline Check: Remember, the draft due date is on MyCo's front page.

6. The Final Stretch: Submitting Your Report

  • Deadline Reminder: Again, MyCo's front page is your go-to for this date.

7. Share Your Insights: Presenting in the Seminar

  • Showtime: Present your findings in the seminar.
  • Seminar Date: You guessed it, on MyCo's front page!

Remember, lectures are here to assist you, but they're not mandatory. Engage with the materials, collaborate effectively, and utilize your instructor's guidance to excel in Research Assignment. Let's embark on this educational adventure together! 🎓🚀

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