Possible topics of coming eBreak demonstrations. The topics are not in the order in which they are going to be presented.

If you have a topic request, you can deliver it here: Topic requests

Lista mahdollisista eBreak-demonstraatioiden aiheista. Aiheet eivät ole siinä järjestyksessä, jossa niitä mahdollisesti käsitellään.

Jos sinulla on toiveita aiheista, voit antaa ne tiedoksi täällä: Aihetoiveet



  • Assignment: Submissions (recorded 11.10.2018)
  • Assignment: Grading (recorded 25.10.2018)
  • Workspace: Adding Material (text & files & embedding) (recorded 1.11.2018)
  • Gradebook: Basics (recorded 29.11.2018)
  • Gradebook: Advanced
  • Gradebook: Expert
  • Quiz: Basics (recorded 22.11.2018)
  • Quiz: Question bank
  • Quiz: Advanced features (recorded 13.12.2018)
  • Group functions: Formign a Group (manually & automatically & group choice)
  • Group functions: Forum (visible and separate groups)
  • Group functions: Assignment
  • Path: Activity Completion and Completion progress
  • Path: Restrict Access
  • Path: Creating a Student’s Path (activity completion + restrict access à student’s path)
  • Turnitin assignment: settings for draft and final version submission, basic Feedback studio functions: similarity report, annotation
  • Calendar functions


  • Basics


  • Making a recording with your laptop



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