The planned content of the lecture:

Section 3.3. Conservation of mass for fluids by the traditional... Only the idea of Figure 7.
Section 3.4 Domain of investigation is attached either... Figures 8 and 9 and difference between the concepts of Eqs (3.61) and (3.62)
Section 3.5 Law of balance of momentum... Careful study. This is very important. Be ready to do the derivation in the exam.
Section 3.8 Law of balance of moment of momentum. Results (3.106) and (3.108). No derivation.
Section 4.1 From global to local... Only the idea that from a local Equilibrium Eqs. (1) one can derive the differential equations for beam bending, i.e. Eqs (4.13), (4.22)2 and (4.40)2.
Chapter 5. Theories of continuum thermodynamics.
Section 6.1 Fundamentals of thermostatics and thermodynamics

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