Panopto can be used to create videos with your laptop, to capture lectures, for webcasts or to share videos from your mobile phone. The image on the right gives an introduction (click to enlarge) and you can find more resources from

How to share a video from your mobile phone? Below you can find instructions in 5 steps. Links take you to tutorials and instructions, but you can also ask Jukka Välimäki (

1. Download the Panopto app

Android tablet and phone users you can download the app via the Google Play App Store and Apple users can download the app via App Store. Just search for Panopto and click install!

2. Open the App and sign in

On your tablet or phone click the Panopto App icon. Click Sign in on the top of the screen or in the menu that opens from top left corner (the application is a bit different depending on the operating system).

Sign in with your work email. Then choose HAKA login, enter your credentials and click Sign in.

3. Record a video

It you don't have a video already, just record it in a normal way with you mobile phone (open the camera app, choose video recording and record a video). In some applications you are also able to edit the video.

When you are happy with your video and you want to share it, you are ready to upload it to Panopto.

4. Upload a video to Panopto via the App

4.1. Click the Panopto App icon and sign in, if you are not already signed in.
4.2. Click the cloud icon on top of the screen, click Choose video or audio files and click the video file of your choice
OR (with an iPhone)
click the menu open top left corner and choose Record & upload, choose the folder (you should see at least My Folder), click Choose a video, click the video file of your choice, give it the Title and click Upload.

When the progress bar is full, the video is in Panopto web service. It's visible to only you, before you share it.

5. Share a video from Panopto web service

Sharing a video is easiest in the web service, so do the following steps with your computer.

5.1. Go to and sign in using Haka.
5.2. click My Folder (or browse to the folder you have uploaded your video), take the cursor on the video of your choice and click Share.
5.3. Link is the web address of your video. Share it to share the video. Who has access controls that who is able to see the video:
- Specific people
(who have rights in the folder or whom you have invited by using the Invite people field below),
- Anyone at your organization with the link
(signing in is required before watching the video),
- Anyone at your organization
(the video can be found with Search by anyone in Aalto) or
- Anyone with the link
(no sign-in required).

Click Save changes and you can leave. Share the video for example by sending the link by email or by adding it to MyCourses workspace.

Last modified: Friday, 29 March 2019, 4:03 PM