Lifting the pressure foot and cutting the thread

  • Automatic with pedal.

Winding a bobbin

  • You can wind a bobbin at the same time when sewing OR separately without any fabric, in which case:
  • Remove the bobbin from the bobbin case and the thread from the needle eye, lift up the presser foot manually.

  • The bobbin rotates clockwise.
  • Please see the instruction video (not available yet).

Suoraommelkoneen puolauksen langoitus

Suoraommelkone puolan asettaminen


  • Replacing a needle: loosen the needle set screw (1)and insert a new needle. Push upwards until the needle hits the stop (O).
  • Needle position: the long groove of the needle points to the left, the thread goes into the eye of the needle from left to right.

Suoraommelkone_neulan asento

  • Needle serie: 134 / DP x 5 (Brother, Juki).
  • Needle serie: 1738 / DP x 1 (Typical).
  • Thickness nro: 70 (light), 80 (medium), 90 (heavy).


Suoraommelkoneen langoitus_ylälanka

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