In the picture below, you can find the plan where each team booth will be located. The teams can start assembling the final booth at their final location on Friday 06.05.

Gala Booth Locations

Few tips during Gala preparations:

- Safety always comes first: remind your team members to use proper safety gear while prototyping. 

- When using tools, remember to return them to the right place, so the next person can easily find them.

- Remind your team members of the DF rules, such as cleaning when using the kitchen and keeping things as tidy as much as possible.


All spaces that will be used for you Gala stands have been booked a week in advance for you so that you have plenty of time to make your booths. You can start setting up your gala stands starting from Friday 6th of May. Everything should be cleaned on Monday 16th the latest.  


We have created an Excel file where you can add all the materials/equipment that you need for your stand.

At Design Factory we have furniture in the storage, so there is no need to buy furniture specifically for the Gala.


Regarding the materials/equipment we can provide:

- Furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, etc

- Different types of carpets (come to the PDP office and we will go check the storage)

- Black/White curtains (come to the PDP office to check them)

- Screens/Monitors

- Tablets Android/iOS (these can be found in the PDP office)

- Mobile phones (let us know if you need Android or iOS to display/test your apps)

- and more...


If you have special requests or need extra items, just come to the PDP office and we will be happy to help you out.


Here are the names of the staff working in the workshops. Contact them if you need help:


Vesku (

Jani Kalasniemi (

Petteri Haverinen (



Erwin Laiho (

Sushant Passi (



Shreyasi Kar (

Teemu Ronkka (

Jasmine Xie (

Priya Singh (

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